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Advantages and economic benefits of multi-nozzle soft flow dyeing machine
Sep 03, 2018

The multi-nozzle soft flow dyeing machine is equipped with the function of overflowing salt on the metering bucket for the first time in the production of ultra-low bath ratio high temperature and high pressure airflow dyeing technology, combined with the quantitative injection on the equipment and the master cylinder recirculation function and reflux stirring function. , direct steam heating and injection at 105 ° C, to achieve the highest quality dyeing results and increase economic efficiency.

The multi-nozzle soft-flow dyeing machine is mainly a new type of hair-splitting collector, which can replace the old-type screen filter, and can effectively collect its broken hair from the dye liquid flow during the operation, in a specific space. Stacked and discharged automatically. The shredder collector operates continuously during the dyeing process, eliminating the drawbacks of downtime cleaning and manual operation.

Advantages of multi-nozzle soft flow dyeing machine

1. Strengthen the fabric pretreatment.

2. Increase the dye bath ratio.

3. Apply high temperature and high pressure dispersant.

4. Use high temperature drainage to prevent crystals from crystallization after cooling.

5. Reduce equipment cleaning cycle.

The multi-nozzle soft-flow dyeing machine can be clothed from front to back, left and right, and fully automatic two-way (longitudinal and horizontal) swings to achieve highly automated delivery. The multi-tube can be simultaneously discharged, and the fabric can be folded neatly on the carrier vehicle. The lateral swing of the pneumatic device can fully fill the width of the vehicle, which can reduce the labor of the operator and reduce the cloth discharge time. It can also be used with long-duty trucks.

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