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Air flow dyeing machine transverse structure and dyeing process
Jun 22, 2018

When using a gas flow dyeing machine, the fabric is mainly circulated through a gas channel containing moisture or water vapor compared to a conventional liquid dyeing machine, and the air flow dyeing machine does not require a dyeing liquid or an aqueous medium to transport the fabric. Almost all fiber materials and their mixtures can be bleached and dyed during operation.


The biggest feature of the air flow dyeing machine is that it greatly reduces the consumption of fuel, chemical aids, and energy sources to a certain extent. Air flow dyeing, in addition to jet dyeing, the fabrics and dyeing fluids are continuously circulated, there is air. The circulation of the flow. It is the use of the principle of aerodynamics, through the high-speed airflow generated by a centrifugal high-pressure fan, atomized by the nozzle dyeing liquid, atomized dye liquor sprayed to the fabric, so that the fabric color and drive the fabric to run.

During the dyeing process, the main function of the high-speed air flow in the air flow dyeing machine can efficiently perform the atomization of the dyeing liquid through the nozzle during the use, so that the atomized dye liquor is sprayed onto the fabric. Infiltration, fabrics and dyeing fluid contact full, at the same time. Due to the air flow field, the fabric is constantly subjected to the kneading and shaking of the air flow to change the position and cross-sectional shape during operation.

This effect of airflow on the fabric in the air flow dyeing machine is beneficial to the dye solution approaching and breaking through the fabric fiber interface layer. Make the fabric easy to obtain color and level dyeing. And is conducive to the release of the fabric processing stress. Therefore, the fabric is crease-free. The fabric after processing is soft and plump.

Airflow dyeing machines are generally horizontal structures. Material is acid and alkali resistant stainless steel. A cloth storage tank is provided inside, and the cloth storage tank is lined with a smooth PTFE tube, and no dye liquid is stored in the tank. The surface of PTFE tube has a low coefficient of friction. At the same time, due to the storage tank cross section is a circular arc design. The stacked rope-like fabric can be automatically slid forward by its own weight, so it does not become tangled, clothed, or knotted.

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