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Analysis of Effect of Using Room Temperature Dyeing Machine
May 16, 2018

Room temperature dyeing machine is suitable for pre-treatment and post-processing of different types of fabrics under normal temperature conditions, including dyeing, bleaching, scouring and washing. In general, various fabrics are treated under a normal temperature (100C) atmospheric pressure. Room temperature dyeing machine can be used in various high-end natural fabrics and blended knits and machinery at room temperature scouring, bleaching, dyeing, washing and other processing, can also be applied to other rayon, eye-lun, washing and other processing .


Analysis of application conditions, room temperature dyeing machine is an ideal dyeing equipment. In its work, the fabric is driven by the frequency control speed-adjusting cloth to send the fabric from the front of the dyeing tank to the nozzle, pumped by the circulating pump to dye liquor, heated by the heat exchanger, and the fabric is passed from the nozzle through the guide tube from the rear The pipe is reciprocally stacked and circulated, and the fabric is quickly and cyclically processed in the dyeing tank to obtain a uniform color.


In order to obtain a good use effect, in the production of room temperature dyeing machine, every link is strictly controlled. Among them, a high-quality stainless steel material has been specially selected to ensure its durability and fine workmanship, which ensures that the material will not be damaged during processing and will not produce hair.


In addition, in some room temperature dyeing machines, the lighting device is also arranged on the top of the machine, and the staff can use this to more clearly view the staining conditions inside the machine. And the specifications of the device are more, users can choose according to their needs. There is almost no tension between the drums of the equipment, which reduces the shrinkage and deformation of the fabric. The equipment is mainly composed of storage troughs, circulation systems, filters and heat exchangers, feed drums (auxiliary cylinders), cloth roll and panning devices, and control systems.


Not only that, during the operation of the normal temperature dyeing machine, the circulation of the dye liquor is mainly realized by a circulating pump directly driven by a motor. The circulation pump sucks the dye liquid from the bottom of the machine and feeds it through the heat exchanger. The nozzle pressure is adjusted by the throttle valve installed at the outlet of the circulating pump of the normal temperature dyeing machine. When the main pump motor is driven by the inverter, it will not be used. Flow valve.

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