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Analysis of the use of yarn dyeing machine additives
Nov 03, 2018

When the yarn dyeing machine dyes the fabric, it is usually necessary to add a certain amount of auxiliary agent to improve the dyeing effect. Regarding the use of additives, special attention must be paid to pH and temperature. For example, in the dyeing bath of the yarn dyeing machine, an appropriate amount of a leveling agent or a dispersing agent may be added, and the main purpose is to ensure stable dispersion of the dye.


It should be noted that the amount of additives must be controlled reasonably. Secondly, the pH value of the yarn dyeing machine dye bath will also affect its final dyeing effect. For example, under high temperature and alkaline conditions, the dispersed dye will be hydrolyzed, so the high temperature dyeing PH value is recommended to ensure acidity.


In addition, control of temperature during the operation of the yarn dyeing machine is also a very critical factor. Appropriate lifting of the dyeing temperature can improve the dyeing rate and help to improve work efficiency. However, the temperature is at different stages and has different effects on the dyeing effect. Usually in order to ensure a good dyeing effect, it should be determined according to the actual requirements.

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