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Application range, working principle and operation skill of normal temperature and pressure overflow dyeing machine
Sep 19, 2018

The normal temperature and pressure overflow dyeing machine is mainly suitable for the processing of various high-grade natural fiber fabrics and blending knits and machines at room temperature, such as scouring, bleaching, dyeing, washing, etc., and other rayon, rayon, etc. Washing and other processing, can also be applied to other rayon, rayon, blended fabric dyeing and processing at room temperature, is an ideal equipment for high-grade fabrics.


When the normal temperature and pressure overflow dyeing machine is working, the dyeing liquid is pumped out from the bottom of the dyeing tank by the main pump, sent to the heat exchanger for heating, and then enters the overflow tank at the front end of the dyeing tank. Two downflow overflow pipes are installed in parallel in the overflow tank. The fabric is circulated by the active guide roller and the overflow of the dyeing liquid. During the dyeing process, the fabric is in a relaxed state, the scratch is not easy to be deformed, the dyeing is uniform, the color is bright, and the product feels soft, especially suitable for thin and terry structures. Synthetic knitted fabric.


When dyeing at normal temperature and normal pressure overflow dyeing machine, the cover should be closed before heating, and the operation of the grey cloth in the machine should be observed from the glass visual hole at any time, and the abnormal sound and phenomenon of each part of the machine should be checked. Generally, the grading temperature rise and the grading heat preservation are used to control the heating rate. The general heating rate is based on the principle that the temperature of the fabric does not exceed 1 to 1.5 ° C per one revolution of the fabric.


When the fabric is on the machine, the nozzle pressure of the normal temperature and normal pressure overflow dyeing machine can be larger. When the operation is normal, the nozzle pressure can be smaller; the larger the thickness or weight of the fabric, the larger the nozzle pressure, the larger the nozzle diameter; the general rope shape The ratio of fabric diameter to nozzle diameter is 9:10.

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