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At present, there are still many places to work for the development of textile printing and dyeing industry.
Dec 18, 2017

At this stage, we need to make efforts in the following aspects: first, strengthen the top level design of industry intelligent manufacturing. The second is to increase the textile industry intelligent Manufacturing Pilot demonstration. The third is to promote the Internet, large data, artificial intelligence in the textile industry innovative applications. Four is to promote the construction of a group of industrial cluster Intelligent service platform to enhance the development of dual-integration of small and medium-sized enterprises. Five is to build a new generation of information technology supported by the Internet of things, the quality of the textile traceability system, leading green consumption, led green production. The promotion and application of the two-integration management system standard in the textile industry. Seven is to increase the textile industry intelligent manufacturing personnel training.

Shiring predicts that by 2020, the textile industry's intelligent Manufacturing application standard system has been preliminarily established, the digital and Intelligent Factory (workshop) construction has achieved remarkable results, the popularization rate has been greatly improved; the key technology and equipment of industry intelligent manufacturing have achieved significant breakthrough; new generation of Internet, large data, The integration of artificial intelligence technology and textile industry is further deepened.

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