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Automatic hydro extractor technical features
Jul 06, 2018

Overall, the automatic hydro extractor has many advantages and is therefore welcomed by many users. In comparison, the automatic hydro extractor has large capacity and good stability, the bobbin is not suitable for deformation, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation is simple, which greatly improves the production quality.


Technical features of the automatic hydro extractor:

First of all, the equipment is specially made of high quality stainless steel and has a long service life;

Secondly, the machine realizes large-capacity operation in practical application, improves the dehydration rate, and the energy consumption is very low;


Third, the device is equipped with an automatic system, which adopts advanced and reliable frequency conversion control, can automatically time, automatically brake, the speed can be selected according to needs; and the automatic simple dehydrator adopts frequency conversion automatic control, free Mechanical brakes, so the mechanical maintenance rate is greatly reduced;


Fourth, the cover switch protection device ensures safe operation and life of the machine;


Fifth, the ultra-static balance, while improving the working environment on the spot;


Sixth, the automatic production of the automatic hydro extractor has a good production effect. After use, the moisture content of the cotton yarn is ≤ 45%, and the water content of the acrylic yarn is ≤ 25%.

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