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Basic principle of optional nozzle for overflow dyeing machine
Apr 02, 2018

Overflow dyeing machine will be equipped with nozzles, its diameter is generally 50,60,70,80,100mm several kinds of users in the production of different products, overflow dyeing machine need to match the nozzle model is also different, certain Should be a reasonable choice.


If the user wants to use an overflow dyeing machine to process extra-thin or extra-thick products, in addition to the above-mentioned conventional nozzle models, there are nozzles having a diameter of less than 50 mm or more than 100 mm. For example, for light and thin fabrics, their weight is generally between 50 and 100 g/m2, and nozzles of 50 mm should be selected.


For general fabrics, their weight is between 150 and 300 g/m2, but 60 or 70 mm nozzles are preferred. If the overflow dyeing machine is for thicker fabrics, then they must be matched with 100mm nozzles.


The principle of the optional nozzle of the overflow dyeing machine is as follows: First, the diameter of the nozzle should be slightly wider than the diameter of the fabric rope. The thicker the fabric, the more attention should be paid to it, and it should be prevented from being flawed during the dyeing process. Stuck between nozzles or tying knots at the nozzle.


Secondly, when installing the overflow dyeing machine nozzle, it must be carefully and securely attached to all three screws in an all-round way, and it can no longer be shaken by inspection. The use of double-tube and multi-tube overflow dyeing is best for consistency in the weight and length of the fabric in each tube.

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