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Basic structure and gas use characteristics of environmentally friendly fabric dyeing machine
Sep 08, 2018

There is a fabric dyeing machine which can reuse the excess dye and is an environmentally friendly device. Structurally, the fabric dyeing machine comprises a main body, a carrier, an upper pressing plate, a base and a stirring device, wherein the bottom end of the main body is mounted with a base, and the intermediate position above the base is fixed. There is a dye pool and a water pump is installed above the base on the side of the dye pool.


At the same time, a second motor is installed on the base of the fabric dyeing machine away from the water pump, and a stirring device is installed inside the dye pool; two ends of the main body are symmetrically mounted with two supporting frames, and the lower dyeing plate is away from the second guiding cloth. The top of the main body on one side of the wheel is provided with a collecting shell; the top of the main body of the collecting shell away from the lower dyeing board is mounted with a third guide wheel.


Moreover, the first motor is mounted on the end of the main body of the fabric dyeing machine away from the pallet. This design not only improves the dyeing effect of the fabric dyeing machine, but also improves the working efficiency when dyeing the cloth, and avoids wrinkles of the fabric, avoiding waste of resources and environmental pollution. The dyeing tank only needs to be filled with part of the water, so that the whole roll of fabric can be stained with the dyeing liquid when it is continuously rotated, and the dyeing bath ratio is greatly reduced.

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