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Brief description of the technical performance characteristics of wool drying machine
May 12, 2018

Wool drying machines are mainly used for drying wool after dehydration. Normally, the drying rate can reach 100%. Wool dryers include electric heating automatic temperature control dryers and steam dryers. Next, we will briefly introduce the performance characteristics of the device for everyone to better understand.


Technical characteristics of wool drying machine:


1, wool dryer equipment can choose electric heating, or external steam heating device, can be used after dehydration wool, fast drying.


2, wool dryer equipment itself is also more stringent structural and material requirements. The inner cage adopts imported stainless steel bright board, which can reduce clothing wear. And in the operation of the equipment, the temperature of the inner cage is fully controlled by the computer, which not only protects the clothes but also saves energy.


3, wool dryer equipment is fully functional, with low-temperature playing cold wind function, in a short time can reduce the cage temperature clothing, so that clothing does not wrinkle, easy to take clothes.


4. Under normal circumstances, the wool dryer equipment not only has excellent drying effect, but also provides convenience for cleaning fluff. It is not easy to block exhaust ducts with dense filter screen. The device also uses a high-temperature pneumatic valve to control steam on and off.


5. When the structural design is generally performed, the gap between the inner cage and the outer cylinder of the wool dryer device is controlled within a relatively small range, and a large amount of hot air can penetrate the inner cage, which shortens the drying time and saves energy.


Wool drying machine treatment performance introduction:


Many wool dryers have the function of heating the heat source steam, spot, and far-infrared steam, which can be selected by the user. Under normal circumstances, the device's operating temperature range is: steam heating 50 to 140 degrees, up to 150 degrees. Electricity, far-infrared temperature is 50 to 350 degrees. In addition, there are spare automatic control systems and computer control systems for the user to choose.


Wool dryer equipment can be widely used not only for drying wool and wool products, but also for heat curing, drying and dehydration of industrial raw materials or products such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, and light work.

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