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Briefly describe the powerful function of high temperature fabric dyeing machine
May 04, 2018

In the process of dyeing some fabrics, the ideal dyeing quality can only be obtained if the temperature is reached under certain conditions. Therefore, high temperature fabric dyeing machines are needed. During the analysis of high-temperature fabric dyeing machines used in the textile dyeing industry, it was found that some devices used PLC temperature automatic control systems.


This control system is more precise and flexible in controlling the temperature, not only further improving the dyeing quality, but also improving the production efficiency of the high temperature fabric dyeing machine. Next we mainly introduce the features of the device for everyone.


In high-temperature fabric dyeing machines, efficient built-in heat exchange systems are often deployed. The heat exchanger is usually placed in the lower part of the dyeing tank, so that the dyeing tank structure is compact and simplified, which greatly saves energy and reduces production costs. The built-in heat exchanger has the advantages of high heat exchange efficiency, small temperature difference, and high uniformity. It is also equipped with a direct heating system.


High temperature fabric dyeing machine dye liquor positive and negative circulation commutation control system. From the analysis of production operation, the system has a compact structure and a more fluent dye-reversing device, which is combined with automatic control of the forward and reverse cycle times to improve the uniformity of dyeing. And it can realize low bath ratio production, effectively save dye chemical additives and energy.


In some high temperature fabric dyeing machines, automatic heating and cooling systems are also configured. In this way, in the dyeing process, according to the process set by the heating rate, through the stainless steel Y-shaped valve can be continuous press and lift temperature control, so that the temperature rise and fall is more scientific and reasonable, dyeing effect is more perfect.


In addition, a high-efficiency, high-resistance main pump system is also provided. In the high-temperature fabric dyeing machine series, stainless steel mixed-flow pumps are often used, and a frequency converter is provided to control the dyeing flow steplessly. The main pump series has the advantages of sufficient flow, strong penetrating, and stepless adjustment, which can ensure the dyeing quality of the high temperature fabric dyeing machine to obtain excellent quality.

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