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Briefly describe the scope of use of textile dyeing machines and the functions of electrical control systems
Apr 23, 2018

Textile dyeing machines are basically all made of stainless steel, mechanical speed control, with no noise, easy speed adjustment, suitable for linen, cotton, rayon, blended seamless underwear, stockings, silk and so on. During its operation, the dyeing machine of the textile dyeing machine stirs the dyeing liquor in the forward and reverse directions, so that the dyed product becomes a floating dyeing state, and the dyeing is uniform, the penetrating power is strong, and the dyeing is not easily damaged.

1, the use of textile dyeing machine:

Various kinds of textile dyeing machine equipment can be seen in the market. These equipments can be mainly used for the dyeing, bleaching, scouring and washing of garments such as sweaters, acrylics, and cotton sweaters. They can also be used for gloves. The bleaching and dyeing of finished products such as socks, towels, etc., belongs to a dyeing apparatus that is suitable for a wide range of finished products with ideal quality. The machine automatically sets the forward and reverse circulation to agitate the fabric. Some small garment dyeing machines can dye three color samples at a time.

2, textile dyeing machine electrical control system overview:

In order to ensure the dyeing quality of the textile dyeing machine, the configured electrical control system should be stable and reliable, easy to operate, display intuitive performance, and can achieve automatic control of the entire process of the dyeing process.

3, the main function of the electrical control system of the textile dyeing machine:

Combined with the operation principle of the electrical control system of the textile dyeing machine, the user can use both manual and automatic control methods when using the device. When entering the water, the water level is controlled by the level relay, and when the high water level of the master cylinder and the high water level of the material cylinder are reached, the water inlet ends. When entering the water, the relief valve and pressure relief valve open automatically.

At the same time, the textile dyeing machine electrical control system also has the functional characteristics of positive and negative cycle control. That is, during the dyeing process, the forward rotation time, reverse rotation time, and intermediate pause time of the device can be set as needed. The main pump in the textile dyeing machine's electrical control system can be opened manually or automatically, but its opening condition is that the water can be turned on after it has reached the low water level. When the main pump opens, the main cylinder diverts the commutator to open synchronously.

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