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Characteristics of continuous yarn dyeing machine
Jul 23, 2018

In actual production, different yarns often need to be dyed to a specific color according to the process requirements before weaving. In fact, yarn dyeing is the basis of dyeing and weaving. For different dyeing requirements, the corresponding yarn dyeing machine needs to be selected. In the production process of textiles, at which stage the dyeing is carried out is affected by several factors.


From the economic point of view, in the weaving process, the dyeing process of the yarn dyeing machine is placed in front of the production process to save costs. Yarn dyeing is carried out in the pre-weaving process, and dyes with better fastness can be selected, and some color flowers can be improved in the subsequent weaving process. Yarn dyeing generally achieves a good and firm leveling effect, resulting in higher economic value and shorter lead times, so the product has high reproducibility.


For example, we can choose continuous yarn dyeing machine for dyeing. This series of machines is suitable for dyeing large quantities of low count yarns, threads or belts. The dyeing process is completed by dyeing liquid, steaming and post-treatment. It can improve production efficiency, and is currently mainly used for dyeing dyes such as vulcanization, indigo and direct.

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