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Characteristics of the spray hank yarn dyeing machine and its operation process
Dec 11, 2018

The the spray hank yarn dyeing machine is suitable for bleaching, refining, dyeing, washing and post-treatment of single-strand, rayon, mercerized cotton, silk, silk, fancy yarn and cashmere. The machine is optimized in structure, and the bath ratio is reduced to 1:8~12,and the water conservation and cost reduction.

The spray hank yarn dyeing machine adopts a specially designed low-energy, high-flow special pump, which improves the anti-cavitation ability of the pump and solves the problem that the traditional type of machine has low water quality and causes dyeing quality at high temperature. The new turbulent jet pipe is durable, and there is absolutely no entanglement or knotting of the dyed material; and the special design water regulator can adjust the amount of water according to the amount of dyed yarn and the number of yarns.

The cloth surface dyed by the spray hank yarn dyeing machine is flat, in order to increase the color fastness of dyeing, the fabric must have a process before dyeing the color out of the cylinder, that is, dewatering and shaping, generally need to be waterproof, usually dry first. There are special drying equipment, you can not use the setting machine.

In the process of shaping, the fabric surface effect is checked. This is the most convenient test, saving time and high efficiency. If you do not find any problems during the stereotype, you can check into the warehouse. In short, appropriate dyeing equipment should be selected according to different fabric effects and dyeing quality requirements.

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