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Characteristics of yarn dyeing machine and dyeing process
Aug 11, 2018

The yarn dyeing machine is easy to grasp the dyeing process during the operation, and it is very convenient to carry out the operation. The equipment can adjust the bath ratio according to the quality of the yarn and the dyeing process in a semi-filled state (1: 5-1:8), the dyeing quality is reliable, the operation is simple and convenient, saving energy, dyes, chemical additives, and the use is more extensive.

Yarn dyeing machine features

Yarn dyeing machine is very suitable for bleaching, scouring, dyeing, washing and post-treatment of single-strand yarn, silk, silk, rayon, mercerized cotton yarn, fancy yarn and cashmere.

The yarn dyeing machine adopts a specially designed low-energy, high-flow special pump, which can improve the anti-cavitation ability of the pump to a certain extent, and solve the problem that the traditional type machine has low water quantity at high temperature and affects the dyeing quality. The latest type of turbulent jet pipe is durable, and the dyeing tube is integrated with the tumbling shifting tube. The dyed material is absolutely not entangled or knotted. The dyeing is easy after the dyeing and the loss rate is low.

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