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China's textile industry suffers the most serious environmental killing
Dec 18, 2017
This year, China's textile industry has suffered the most serious "environmental killing", the focus of the renovation is also on the printing and dyeing of this "chemical" industry. In order to standardize the management of printing and dyeing industry, speed up the adjustment of industry structure and upgrade, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (2010 revision) of the printing and dyeing industry ((2010) 93rd) and the "Interim measures for the administration of access announcements of printing and dyeing Enterprises" (Ministry of Labor consumption (2012)40 number) Two industry standard documents have been revised, formed and issued the "Printing and dyeing industry standard conditions (2017 edition)" and "printing and dyeing Enterprises Regulatory Bulletin Management interim measures." Two new versions of the document have been implemented since October 1, 2017, and both old versions have been abolished.

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