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Cloth dyeing machine installation method and operation procedure
Sep 17, 2018

Before using the cloth dyeing machine, it must be accurately installed in place. The first step is to determine the installation position of the cloth dyeing machine. However, before installing the dyeing machine, it is better to reserve space for equipment maintenance and operation. Future operation and maintenance; at the same time, the cloth dyeing machine should be installed on a relatively flat foundation, and then fixed with the screws of the anchor.


In the process of installing the cloth dyeing machine, it is best to use the instrument to check the levelness of the equipment. If the level is not enough, it must be accurately positioned to install; it is best to use the three-phase four-wire in the dyeing machine. The power supply is placed in the electrical box of the equipment; the equipment must be grounded to ensure the safety of installation and use.


After the detection is correct, the operation of the cloth dyeing machine is started. When it is necessary to pay attention, all parts of the machine equipment should be inspected frequently, such as whether the fasteners are fastened, etc. The cloth should be sorted according to color, texture, etc. Together; the amount of detergent should be moderate, too much or too little is not good, when the water temperature reaches 70 ° C, you can close the steam valve.

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