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Cloth Dyeing Machine’s Outstanding Performance
Jan 10, 2018

Cloth dyeing machine is a kind of dyeing machine for each kind cloth material. Because of the automatic computer control system, it make automatic dyeing come true; completely functionnice performanceeasy operation. 


There is air cleaning facility in cloth dyeing machineuse environmental protection designtake advantage of photo catalysis material and activated carbonto full-sealing and internal recycle filteredIt not only improves the quality of the dyeing, but also ensures the health of the staff.

 hank spray dyeing machine.jpg

The machine use spray water to cleaning, avoid the possibility of poor pollutionmakes the dyeing more accurate. It also has the function of active locationit has voice prompt when the end of programin order to meet different dyeing requirementdifferent procedure are stored in the system.


In order to ensure that the dyeing machine can always maintain normal and stable working condition, it has all kinds of abnormal maintenance functions and sound cues, so as to avoid damaging the equipment.In addition, its large-screen LCD display, all-chinese menu, human-machine dialogue, make the device easier to operate.


In many cases, the heating dyeing will be better, so the cloth dyeing machine also increased this functionwhen dyeingit can be heated at the same time to improve the dyeing quality and dyeing efficiency of the cloth.


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