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Comparison and trial operation of Loose Fiber Dryer and ordinary dryer
Oct 24, 2018

A loose fiber dryer, which is a specific type of dryer, and as can be seen from its name, this type of dryer is used for drying a fiber of bulk fiber, so it is targeted in use. The following is a familiarity and understanding of this kind of dryer, so as to properly carry out the drying work of the loose fibers.


1. Comparison of Loose Fiber Dryer and ordinary dryer and its purchase

A loose fiber dryer, which is a specific type of dryer, is in the category of dryers. Therefore, it has the same features as ordinary dryers, but there are some differences, because the two dryers are different in terms of structure, application range and the like. Moreover, they are also different in the object of use, and the general dryer is much wider.


The purchase of Loose Fiber Dryer is an important task. It should not be taken lightly and sloppy, and all relevant aspects should be considered, including the origin, parameters, price, quality, manufacturer and manufacturer's after-sales service. Six. In addition, it may be necessary to consider the product environment and usage requirements. After comprehensive and comprehensive consideration of these factors, you can have the right choice and choose the right product.


2. The standard of good quality of loose fiber dryer

The loose fiber dryer has a good product quality standard: the dryer has a compact structure, simple and convenient operation, and is not prone to failure problems during use, and has a long service life. Moreover, the loose fibers have a good dry quality and achieve the desired drying effect. If these conditions and requirements are met, the dryer can be considered to have good quality and use.


3. Test run and post-run work of the Loose Fiber Dryer

The Loose Fiber Dryer, because it is a dryer, also requires a trial run, which is divided into two parts: the idle test and the load test.

Idling test: to check the stability of the installation of the equipment and whether the installation is correct and in place. In addition, it is also possible to check whether the equipment transmission, operation, control, lubrication and hydraulic pressure are normal and whether there is any problem.

Load test: The load test can only be carried out after the dryer idling test has passed. In its load test, it is to check the important parts and parts of the equipment, whether it can operate normally, and whether the dryer can be safe and reliable in the overall operation.


After the operation of the loose fiber dryer, it is necessary to disconnect the main circuit and the power source. It is necessary to check and record the equipment, check all aspects of the equipment, and record the inspection results. And to assess the operation of the equipment.

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