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Configuration and operation process of industrial textile fabric drying machine
Dec 04, 2018

The interface between the inner and outer cylinders of the industrial textile fabric drying machine adopts the docking method, which can effectively avoid the accidental damage of the linen; the SUS304 stainless steel panel and the inner liner are used for longer service life and easier to clean; the liquid cylinder adopts special anti-corrosion treatment for a long time. Durable; the entire washing cylinder system of the industrial fabric dryer is suspended on the spring and shock absorbing device, with a shock absorption of 95%, without the need for foundation.

The industrial textile fabric drying machine  is also equipped with an automatic detergent separation container, which does not cause the accumulation of soap powder, nor does it cause the burnt phenomenon of the cloth caused by the additive not being fully dissolved; using the whole computer control, frequency control, washing procedure Man-machine dialogue, LCD screen display at a glance; with fault and function self-test system, making it easier to repair; electrical control components are made of high-quality components, the motor uses high-quality special motor, the inverter uses a well-known brand.

When operating industrial textile fabric drying machine , open the door, rotate the dehydrated material evenly in the drum, and then close the door. Depending on the type of fabric, select the appropriate time and adjust the timing device to the desired time. Press the start button to start the fan. According to the user's needs, the direction of rotation of the drum can be selected from one-way rotation and two-way rotation. As long as the computer board switch is turned to one-way or two-way, the machine will perform one-way operation or two-way operation as required.

When the industrial textile fabric drying machine is running for a specified period of time, the machine will automatically stop running. At this time, the operator must open the door to check the drying condition of the inner fabric. If the effect is not achieved, the time can be extended appropriately. 

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