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Construction and installation requirements for industrial centrifugal hydro extractor
Nov 30, 2018

The industrial centrifugal hydro extractor includes a rotating drum that is driven by a belt with hot air around the drum to evaporate moisture. It is precisely because of the principle of positive reversal of the drum, so as to achieve the non-winding effect of the dried article.

The drum of the industrial centrifugal hydro extractor is made of stainless steel bright plate with excellent heat resistance, and the inner wall is smooth, which can reduce the wear of the clothes. The high-efficiency radiator is equipped with a reasonable air intake duct to make the hot air directly contact with the material, which greatly improves the drying efficiency and saves energy. The large diameter inlet port facilitates the entry and exit of materials. The large area of the plush collection net is not easy to cause the clogging of the plush, which protects the smooth flow of the air passage, thereby greatly improving the drying efficiency.

Industrial centrifugal hydro extractor is one of the main equipments in textile equipment. The installation requirements are technical and the process standard is high. The installation work should be based on relevant design documents, drawings, standard specifications and procedures, accurate installation procedures and homework instructions.

Before the installation of the industrial centrifugal hydro extractor, the quality and size deviation of the foundation concrete are mainly checked; the appearance of the foundation surface is required to be clean, free of oil, dust, debris, no exposed steel, no cracks, no residual shells in the intended hole. Daughter boards, as well as other casting defects. Then, according to the equipment packing list provided by the manufacturer of the industrial centrifugal hydro extractor, the parts, components, scale parts, random files, etc. are counted to ensure the installation progress and quality.

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