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Denim Dyeing Machine effect control method
May 26, 2018

In the process of dyeing denim, the main factors affecting the final result are: denim dyeing machine, dyeing and dyeing process (process, formulation, condition), operation and other factors. Therefore, in the operation of the Jeans dyeing machine, we must be careful to ensure the quality of dyeing.


In general, when dyeing, in order to obtain the ideal dyeing product, it is necessary to select the appropriate dye according to the actual requirements, and at the same time, formulate a reasonable dyeing process. Of course, it is necessary to configure the dyeing equipment. With the continuous development of production and the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, today's denim dyeing machines are becoming increasingly advanced. What problems should be noticed in practical operations?


First of all, we need to fully consider the impact of the equipment used on shaded light. In other words, when operating the denim dyeing machine, pay particular attention to the stability of the equipment, such as vehicle speed, drying conditions, temperature and speed, pressure control. At the same time, the process control of the equipment should be kept stable, and it must be ensured that the equipment is in a stable working condition, so as to ensure the stability of the dye shade and the reproducibility from the equipment.


Second, we must also consider the impact on levelness. Simply speaking, when operating a denim dyeing machine, it must ensure the adaptability of its process. It is necessary to be able to meet the requirements of levelling properties such as equipment temperature, pressure, speed, and processing time, as well as changes in chemical media such as dyes and dyes, so that the dyeing and finishing equipment can be adapted to new processes and technologies to ensure uniform dyeing fabrics. Staining and other quality requirements.


In addition to these points, the selected denim dyeing machine should have a high level of automation. Especially the main process parameters, should be as far as possible automatic detection, automatic adjustment, to achieve precise control, reduce the level of human-induced cause of defects, to meet the remanufacturing process requirements to ensure the stability of quality. Moreover, the fabric should be kept in a low tension or loose operation in the denim dyeing machine to ensure the leveling effect.

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