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Design Features and Performance Characteristics of Continuous Dyeing Machine
May 30, 2018

Compared with other similar equipment, the outstanding advantage of the continuous dyeing machine is that it can maintain continuous and stable production, greatly improving the operating efficiency. The equipment is suitable for continuous dyeing of cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and blended fabrics. Next, we briefly introduce the design features and performance characteristics of the continuous dyeing machine.


About the design features of the continuous dyeing machine:

1. In the design and production of this equipment, great attention is paid to its precision, so it can adapt to the efficient operation of high-count, high-density, and coarse textiles;

2. The process design is reasonable and advanced, and it can adapt to different varieties of production requirements as much as possible:

3, coupled with the production standards of excellence, effectively ensure the consistency of dyed products before and after;

4. In addition, hot air pre-bake and steam-sealed reduction steamer are also used, which greatly reduces energy consumption and chemical consumption.

5. The washing structure of the equipment is advanced and reasonable, ensuring the soaping effect and the color fastness.


About the continuous dyeing machine performance characteristics:

1. The device is specially equipped with a hot air dryer, so that the hot air can be evenly distributed and the temperature difference is small during the dyeing process. Coupled with its unique tuyere and special duct, wind box connection, the fabric drying process evenly evaporated.

2. The rack structure design of the continuous dyeing machine is also very special, so it will not be deformed due to heat or force in practical applications. This guarantees the parallelism between the guide rollers and allows the fabric to run smoothly.

3, uniform roller Gomplast rubber, Mitex rubber coating technology to ensure stable and reliable equipment, long service life.

4、Import even roller body and pneumatic and hydraulic components to ensure even rolling mill achieves brand efficiency.

5. Uniform rolling mills with a range of 1800mm to 3600mm.

6, continuous dyeing machine is also often configured with a unique reduction steamer.


In summary, continuous dyeing machines have obvious advantages in practical applications. Continuous dyeing machine is not only very particular about the design, but also its superior performance, has brought great help to the user.

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