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Dye dissolution and dyeing friction of towel dyeing machine
Jan 18, 2019

In the process of dyeing the towel dyeing machine, if the fixing and dyeing are out of synch, it is definitely necessary to dye again. Therefore, when dyes are selected, we should compare the high-quality dyes to avoid the above phenomenon.

Dyeing temperature of towel dyeing machine

When the temperature of the dye bath is too high or too low, the final dyeing effect will not be achieved, and the speed of temperature rise is not too fast, so as to avoid undesirable phenomena such as color flower.

Dye dissolution of the towel dyeing machine

When the dye is dissolved, it must be ensured that it is sufficient. If conditions permit, artificial stirring can be carried out. Artificial stirring can effectively avoid color defects.

Dyeing friction of towel dyeing machine

In the process of dyeing, we can't avoid the phenomenon of friction, so it is good to use the right amount of lubricant, or to adjust the humidity when the fabric is running, and to avoid scratching the fabric.

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