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Dyeing method and dyeing object of cheese dyeing machine
Sep 26, 2018

The cheese dyeing machine can dye different fabrics such as yarns, tops and bulk fibers. Usually, the yarn is dyed before weaving, which is the basis of dyeing and weaving. The topping dyeing is the fiber dyeing and looseness before the fiber is formed into yarn. The purpose of fiber dyeing is the same, in order to obtain a soft color mixing effect. At the same time, it is also possible to use a cheese dyeing machine to dye the fibers or bulk fibers before spinning, to load a large dyeing tank, and to dye at an appropriate temperature.


When the cheese dyeing machine is dyed, the yarn is wound on a perforated bobbin, and then many bobbins are placed in the dyeing cylinder, and the dye liquor circulates to achieve the corresponding dyeing effect. When the garment dyeing is carried out by a cheese dyeing machine, the garment is placed in a nylon bag, and a series of bags are placed together in the dyeing cylinder, and stirring is continued in the dyeing cylinder.


The fixture for fixing the fabric during the dyeing process of the cheese dyeing machine is preferably made of all-plastics that can not be covered with acidic or alkaline dyes and rust-stained fabrics, so the selection of pure plastic clips is the most appropriate and safest fixture. It can be seen that the selection of any matching parts of the cheese dyeing machine can not be sloppy, and they also affect the dyeing effect.

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