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Enterprise water reuse rate reached more than 40%
Dec 18, 2017

The Chinese government requires that printing and dyeing waste water should be treated or access to centralized wastewater treatment facilities, and strengthen wastewater treatment and operation of water quality analysis and monitoring, wastewater discharge online monitoring, to achieve stable standards discharge. According to the law to deal with pollution permits, and strictly according to the discharge of pollutants.

In accordance with the principle of environmental friendliness and comprehensive utilization of resources, dyeing and printing enterprises should choose the grey fabric with biodegradable (or easy to recycle) slurry. The use of eco-friendly, high dyeing rate dyes and high-performance auxiliaries. Enterprise water reuse rate reached more than 40%.

The provisions mainly around the word "environmental protection", the printing and dyeing industry, technology, equipment, management and other new requirements, which has a significant impact on the printing and dyeing industry

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