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Environmentally friendly fabric dyeing machine performance characteristics
Aug 22, 2018

Thanks to the new ultra-small bath ratio design in the structure, the environmentally friendly fabric dyeing machine achieves extremely low bath ratio operation. Together with the innovative dye circulation system fabric running system, the dyeing quality of the environmentally friendly woven fabric dyeing machine is ensured.


The advantages of environmentally friendly fabric dyeing machines are as follows:

1, saving auxiliaries up to 60%, dyes 5% to 10%;

2, in the actual production, the same dyeing requirements, can reduce emissions more than 60%;

3, can ensure a higher dye success rate;

4, can save 60% of water, electricity and steam, greatly reducing production costs.


The main features of environmentally friendly fabric dyeing machine:

1. The structural design is novel, which obviously improves the working efficiency per unit time;

2. The innovative “U” fabric dyeing nozzle system improves the homogenization of the fabric, avoids the generation of fabric creases, and improves the indications of the fabrics (feel, hairiness, shrinkage, etc.);

3. The innovative dyeing uniform system can effectively improve the dyeing quality and reduce defects.

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