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Example of the specific model of the Cheese Hydro Extractor and its structural features
Oct 16, 2018

The Cheese Hydro Extractor, as its name suggests, is a dewatering machine specially used for the drying of cheese yarns. Therefore, the specific name of the Cheese Hydro Extractor will be available. However, it is a specific type of dehydrator, so it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding to know how to operate correctly and use it reasonably.


1.RZT-60 type Cheese Hydro Extractor

RZT-60 type Cheese Hydro Extractor, which is a specific model of the dewatering machine, can be used for dewatering after cheese dyeing, and is suitable for dehydration of cotton, chemical weaving, cashmere and various woven yarns and cheese yarns. This type of cheese Cheese Hydro Extractor is characterized by:


(1) The speed can reach 1530r/mir, and the moisture content of pure cotton after dewatering is 45%, to improve the working efficiency of the equipment and save costs for the next process.

(2) The water content of the cheese yarn can be kept consistent after dewatering, ensuring a uniform moisture regain of the yarn before drying.

(3) Each package yarn has a separate support frame, which will not damage or damage the yarn when the dehydrator is working.

(4) It can be fully automatic controlled by PLC, and it can automatically cycle after starting up.

(5) Balanced suspension design and balance protection device can be used to ensure safe and smooth operation of the equipment.


2. Structural features of the Cheese Hydro Extractor

(1) A Cheese Hydro Extractor comprising two parts, a dewatering bucket and a cantilever, wherein the cantilever is connected to the rotating drum, and one end of the rotating drum is movable and connected to the rotating seat. In addition, a plurality of layers of support rods disposed horizontally around the rotating cylinder are arranged on the rotating drum, and a sliding block is arranged on the supporting rod, and a sleeve is arranged on the sliding block for socketing the package yarn.

(2) A limited hole is arranged on the support rod along the length of the support rod, and a clamping member is also arranged on the sliding block, so that the limit column can be clamped into the limit hole by controlling the clamping member. Achieve accurate positioning of the slip block.


After adopting the above structure, when the package yarn needs to be dehydrated, the package yarn can be sleeved on the sleeve first, and the position of the sliding block on the support rod is adjusted, and the limit column is clamped by controlling the clamping member. In the limit hole, the positioning of the slip block is realized, and further, the multiple packages can be accurately positioned, and then the package yarn is centrifugally dehydrated. Therefore, in the centrifugal dewatering process of the package yarn, the problem that the package yarn is displaced and the deformation deformation of the dewatering barrel can be avoided, so that the finished product quality and the finished product forming quality of the package yarn are well ensured.

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