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Exchange form of fabric and dye liquor in airflow dyeing machine
Sep 15, 2018

When the airflow dyeing machine dyes, the aerodynamic principle is adopted, and the circulating air is used instead of the water to draw the dyed fabric for the circular motion, so the dye bath ratio is greatly reduced compared with the conventional overflow spray dyeing machine. There are two forms of exchange of fabric and dye liquor in the air dyeing machine, one is airflow atomization and the other is gas pressure infiltration.


The airflow atomization of the airflow dyeing machine first atomizes and diffuses the dye liquor through a special nozzle, and then the airflow with the atomized dye liquor exchanges with the dyed fabric and pulls the fabric to circulate. In the process of exchange, the atomized dyeing liquid not only has a large contact area to the fabric, but also has a strong penetrating power to the fabric fiber, and accelerates the diffusion speed of the dyeing liquid into the fiber interior.


The gas permeation mode of the airflow dyeing machine uses two nozzles, one pure air flow nozzle and the other liquid flow nozzle. The liquid flow nozzle is in front of the dyed fabric, first passes through the nozzle, and exchanges with the dyeing liquid; then passes through the cloth roll and then enters the air flow nozzle, and the air flow infiltrates the dyed liquid exposed fabric to accelerate the dyeing during the circulation of the traction fabric. The rate of diffusion of liquid to the fabric fibers. From the current application situation, the airflow dyeing machine in the form of airflow atomization is mostly, and has a good use effect.

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