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Fabric dyeing machine daily use and precautions
Oct 31, 2018

Most of the fabric dyeing machines are made of stainless steel, and they have the advantages of simple speed regulation and no noise in the speed control design. They are suitable for processing cotton, blended seamless underwear, linen, silk and artificial. Silk and stockings and other materials. During the operation of the fabric dyeing machine, the blades can stir the dye from different directions to obtain a good dyeing effect.


Not only that, on the one hand, the dye can be uniformly penetrated into the fabric, on the other hand, it does not cause any damage to the fabric. Therefore, the fabric dyeing machine can bleach, wash, dye and smelt different garment fabrics, and of course, it can also handle the dyeing of daily necessities such as socks, gloves and towels.


In the actual operation, the timing function of the fabric dyeing machine can be utilized to complete the positive and negative cycle mixing work. The whole running process is very safe and reliable, no noise occurs, and the service life of the components is very long. . The dyeing machine with high temperature and high pressure is more suitable for dyeing materials such as fabrics and yarns, and it is more uniform after dyeing.

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