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Fabric dyeing machine installation and process requirements
Mar 15, 2018

The fabric dyeing machine is equipped with a dyeing-in liquid tube and a dye-out liquid tube, and the dyeing liquid tube is effectively installed with a dyeing liquid solenoid valve during the process of cloth picking and dyeing. A dye discharge solenoid valve is installed on the dye discharge tube, and the dye injection tube is connected with the dye nozzle tube of the dyeing machine, and the dye discharge tube communicates with the cylinder of the dyeing machine.

The cooling pipe of the fabric dyeing machine has a cold water inlet pipe and a cold water outlet pipe when used. A cold water solenoid valve is installed on the cold water pipe end, and a cold water electromagnetic valve is effectively installed on the cold water pipe section. In the sampling tank, the cold water inlet section and the outlet cold water outlet section are located outside the sampling tank; when taking the dyed fabric sample, it does not need to wait for the dyeing liquid in the dyeing machine to cool down before sampling. If it is necessary to add pigment dyeing, It can save a lot of energy, reduce production costs and increase production efficiency.

The fabric dyeing machine only has to be correctly installed, so as to effectively ensure the efficiency and longevity of its equipment. The cloth dyeing machine needs to be installed on a smooth and firm foundation, and it is fixed with special anchor bolts to ensure the dyeing. Smooth operation of the machine.

The fabric dyeing machine must ensure the stability of the power supply when it is used. Therefore, it is required that the three-phase four-wire power cables be placed in a dedicated wire box, stable and suitable power sources be selected. The dyeing agent needs a reliable grounding. Avoid the risk of electric shock during use.

The cloth dyeing machine needs to select its suitable installation position, and it needs to meet the requirements of its combustion process during the use of the cloth dyeing machine. And also to leave enough space for the maintenance of the later period, after the location is selected, the level of the site needs to be checked, and after the level is confirmed, it can be installed.

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