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Features and thermal efficiency of the continuous skein dryer
Jan 15, 2019

Continuous skein dryer will be more perfect, advanced, time-saving, labor-saving, energy-saving, high-efficiency, wide range of transmission chain shifting, automatic temperature control, suitable for natural, man-made and blended fibers. The skein is dried in large quantities.

Moreover, the operation is simple and safe, and combined with other machinery, it can be automated production.

Continuous skein dryer features

The continuous skein dryer is manufactured with its highly efficient spiral radiator. The whole machine is equipped with an insulation layer and has high thermal efficiency.

The hot air recycling system is used to save heat energy and make the skein dry and regain moisture evenly.

The main and auxiliary transmission chains adopt frequency conversion speed regulation to meet the drying requirements of different skein.

Each section of the continuous skein dryer has an independent dehumidifier to achieve energy savings.

Each zone oven has an independent automatic temperature control system with low temperature deviation. The entrance and exit are equipped with cooling devices to improve the working environment.

The unique shape and lightweight stainless steel hanging yarn bar saves the time and effort of the operator. 

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