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Frequency conversion speed regulation and baffle design of high temperature and high pressure overflow dyeing machine
Aug 15, 2018

The high-temperature and high-pressure overflow dyeing machine will be able to reach 600m/min at the cloth speed because of the color-matched motor and the speed control of the motor in the process of operation. The structure design is adopted. The high-precision operation of the fabric can be carried out under the condition of low tension, and the impact point of the cloth blank is also provided, which not only can effectively ensure the orderly stacking of the fabric in the whole dyeing tank, but also can avoid the occurrence of the fabric to the greatest extent. The phenomenon of dyeing and folding is very good to improve the bulkiness and feel of the cloth.

The high-temperature and high-pressure overflow dyeing machine is mainly designed with a special anti-vibration baffle design, so that the dyeing cloth can not be rotated during the whole operation, which ensures the dyeing. The uniformity of the entire coloration.

All the nozzles in the high-temperature and high-pressure overflow dyeing machine can be adjusted on the gap, and the cloth can be adjusted at will according to the actual production conditions during the operation. Effectively achieve full jet dyeing or semi-jet dyeing.

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