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Garment dyeing machine operating principle and structural characteristics
Jun 01, 2018

In the dyeing process of clothing, in order to obtain high-quality dyeing effect and increase productivity, first, there should be advanced processing methods and suitable garment dyeing machines. It should be noted that according to different products and different dyes, we must not only formulate a reasonable dyeing process, but also select suitable garment dyeing machine equipment.


Of course, there are many different types of clothing dyeing machines on the market. The equipment can be used for dyeing and finishing different types of fabrics such as wool, polyester, nylon and rayon. In order to achieve the desired effect, the cylinder part contacted by the dyeing liquor must be made of high-quality and highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel to ensure that it does not contaminate the fabric and also prolongs the service life of the equipment.


Not only that, during the manufacture of garment dyeing machines, the surface of the inner wall of the dyeing tank and the paddle wheel are specially polished to ensure that the fabric is not damaged. According to the dyeing and finishing requirements and the load of different fabrics, it can be achieved through a stepless transmission. Arbitrary high-speed paddle rotation speed. Dyeing and finishing the entire operation process from start to stop by the button in the box, the dyeing and finishing time can be automatically controlled by the time inside the box, dyeing and finishing time can be adjusted according to different needs.


In this way, during the operation of the garment dyeing machine, it is possible to rotate the rowing wheel in the dyeing tank by means of the forward/reverse automatic controller in the electric box, so that the liquid changes the forward and reverse flow of the fabric, thereby improving the dyeing and finishing effect. Under normal conditions, the device can dye different types of fabrics.


The main structural features of garment dyeing machine

With the continuous development of the market, the structure of garment dyeing machine is also becoming more and more advanced. For example, during operation, the device has automatic timing, water control and temperature control, high cleaning rate, low noise, and low vibration. And its own structural design is relatively simple and reasonable, can maintain a smooth rotation during operation. In addition, the inner and outer cylinders of garment dyeing machines are made of high quality stainless steel plate material.

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