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High pressure package dyeing machine Color matching requirements and process conditions
Mar 08, 2019

The high pressure package dyeing machine is operated by winding the yarn onto a perforated bobbin and then loading a plurality of bobbins into the dyeing cylinder. The basic operation process of the cheese dyeing machine: loose tube - cage - dyeing - drying - rewinding. Pure cotton cheese dyeing is generally dyed with reactive dyes. There are many factors that affect the difference in the size of the cheese dyeing. For example, the dye performance is directly different from the size of the dye. The winding process is closely related to the dyeing quality, and the quality of the winding is good. It will also affect the quality of the dyeing, and it is prone to the color difference between the inner and outer layers. The quality of the stainless steel core will also affect the dyeing effect.


The high pressure package dyeing machine should use the same type of dye when color matching, which is more conducive to the control of the process and the simplification of the process. The dyeing properties of the dyes such as directness, dyeing rate, and color fastness should be similar to facilitate the control of shade. Otherwise, the color will be different after dyeing, and the color light will change due to the different degrees of fading during post-processing or use.


The number of dyes used in the high pressure package dyeing machine should be as small as possible to facilitate the control of color light. Master the principle of residual color. The remaining color means that the two colors have mutual elimination characteristics. For example, a blue with red light, if you think that red light is too heavy, you can add a small amount of red color (green dye) to reduce. But be sure to pay attention to the principle of residual color to adjust the color light, just a small amount of adjustment, too much amount will affect the color depth and vividness.

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