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High temperature and high pressure type and versatility of jet skein dyeing machine
Aug 29, 2018

The jet skein dyeing machine is mainly made of stainless steel, durable and other technical features. The high-performance circulating pump of the jet skein dyeing machine has high flow rate, uniform pressure and low power consumption during operation. The liquid is sprayed at high speed and multi-directional, and the dyeing effect is uniform.

The jet skein dyeing machine is strengthened; the effect of the amount of permeation is also shortened, and the dyeing cycle time is shortened, so that the direct contact between the yarn body and the spray arm can be reduced, and the surface of the yarn body is prevented from being damaged, and the room temperature jet skein dyeing machine occupies a small area. High output, saving materials, power and labor.

The jet skein dyeing machine not only has a high temperature and high pressure type, but also can be used for both synthetic fibers and natural fibers during operation. It can be used not only for dyeing but also for pre-treatment. Because of its versatility, when dyeing by the machine, the U-shaped tube is firstly injected into the dyeing liquid, and then the dyeing liquid is pumped out from the middle of the U-shaped tube through the circulation heat pump, and then sprayed by the top nozzle, and the liquid jet is sprayed on the nozzle. Dyeing is done by force.

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