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High temperature dyeing machine production management and driving methods
Mar 06, 2019

The high temperature dyeing machine has a high degree of automation in the process of operation, and on the one hand, it is easy to enter the production management on the one hand, the operation requirements for the employees are not very high, and on the other hand, the production process is generated because of the high degree of automation. The elasticity is small, the cylinder difference between the cylinder and the cylinder of the grey fabric is small, and the reproducibility is better.


The production bath ratio of the high temperature dyeing machine is small (up to 1:4), and the energy-saving aspect is obvious. Compared with the conventional overflow dyeing machine, it can save more than 50% of water, and the water consumption per ton of cloth drops to 50-80. Tons, dyes save 5-10%, and additives save 30-60%.


The fabric of the high temperature dyeing machine is operated by the airflow generated by the air blower as a driving method, which blows the fabric to make the fabric foam, so that the fabric continuously changes the folding position, so that the fabric is not easily wrinkled during the dyeing process. Wrinkles. 

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