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High temperature towel dyeing machine application and technical characteristics
Jun 09, 2018

The high-temperature towel dyeing machine is made of stainless steel. In actual operation, the equipment operates with low noise, and the speed is more convenient. During the operation of the high-temperature towel dyeing machine, the dyestuffs are mixed in the forward and reverse directions, so that the dyestuffs are in a floating state, uniform in dyeing, strong in penetrating power, and difficult to damage the dyed matter.


The main application areas of the high-temperature towel dyeing machine: First of all, the equipment can be used for towels in different materials, especially for pure cotton or polyester blended towels and heavy fabrics. Thanks to the high-performance stainless steel centrifugal pump and the advanced dye liquor circulation system, it is ensured that the desired dyeing effect is achieved. In addition to the self-cleaning filter device, labor is saved, and the broken hair and impurities can be effectively isolated, which greatly improves work efficiency. And its low bath ratio of 1:4.5 dyeing can reduce water consumption and energy saving, while advanced process controllers can improve dyeing efficiency and dye reproducibility.


The main technical features of the high-temperature towel dyeing machine: In comparison, the technical level of the equipment is relatively high, in which the pick-up wheel is placed inside the cylinder, the lifting height of the smaller fabric, the running tension of the fabric is low, and after the treatment, the fabric The shrinkage rate is small, and the energy consumption of the picking wheel is low. The fabric after the dyeing has no fluffing and hair disorder, and the fabric surface quality is good.


At the same time, in this high-temperature towel dyeing machine, an adjustable variable dyeing cloth groove design is particularly adopted, which makes the operation more convenient. During the operation, the fabric is run on the liquid surface, the ultra-low bath ratio, the bath ratio is as low as 1:4.5, effectively increasing the cloth load of the fabric with a single tube capacity of 250-300 KG. In addition, the dyeing cylinder has better mobility and a wide range of dyed fabrics.


Combined with the actual application of the situation analysis, in the process of dyeing with a high-temperature towel dyeing machine, fabric tangles and random cloth phenomenon rarely occur. The use of this equipment also greatly reduces the waiting time when the workshop is short of water, and the pre-heating of the pre-heating cylinder quickly enters the master cylinder, reducing the preparation time. At the same time, the high-temperature towel dyeing machine is also specially equipped with a self-cleaning filter, which is easy to use.

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