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High temperature yarn dyeing machine main features
Apr 26, 2018

High-temperature yarn dyeing machine has excellent performance and wide range of dyeing. It can be used not only for dyeing pure cotton, polyester/cotton, polyester/polyester, polyester/acrylic, acrylic, nylon, hemp/cotton, and wool yarns, but also for zippers. With various types of creel, high-temperature yarn dyeing machine can also dye different yarns, such as cheese yarn, hank yarn, warp yarn and loose hair.


At present, the dyeing methods of high-temperature yarn dyeing machines mainly include three kinds: one is called full filling, which is easy to grasp the dyeing process, and the operation is convenient (bath ratio 1:8-1:10); the other is called pneumatic type. , It can adjust the bath ratio (1:5-1:8) according to the yarn quality and dyeing process in a half-full state, the dyeing quality is reliable, the operation is simple and convenient, the energy, dye and chemical additives are saved, and the use is more extensive. The third is called hybrid: it has two functions, full charge and pneumatic pressure.


High temperature yarn dyeing machine features:


After continuous improvement of technology, currently this type of dyeing machine equipment has specially designed a special pump with low energy consumption and high flow rate, which improves the anti-cavitation ability of the pump and solves the problem of low water volume of the traditional type machine at high temperatures. Dye quality problems. Moreover, the dyeing quality is better and the loss rate is very small.


In addition, the high temperature yarn dyeing machine in the process of operation, due to structural optimization improvements, so the bath ratio is reduced to (110 ~ 15), saving raw materials, reduce costs. When dyeing with this ultra-low bath ratio device, the consumption of dyeing auxiliaries, water, electricity, and steam consumption can be significantly reduced. In this way, it is also possible to reduce part of the cost of production.


Compared with the traditional dyeing machine, this high temperature yarn dyeing machine has another obvious advantage, that is, the dye flow rate is controlled by pulse flow. In this way, a high recycle ratio can be achieved, and the dye yarn penetration speed of the high-temperature yarn dyeing machine is fast, so that the process time can be greatly reduced, and it is easier to prevent yarn dyeing and color unevenness of the inner and outer layers in the yarn dyeing process. Defects, leveling effect.

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