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How to break through the predicament of printing and dyeing machinery to maintain sustained economic growth?
Dec 18, 2017

In order to standardize the industry, realize the upgrading of printing and dyeing equipment industry, environmental protection, energy saving, digital monitoring and intelligence should become the most important development of printing and dyeing machinery.

Specifically, the development trend of printing and dyeing machinery technology and products is embodied in the following aspects: in the development of continuous printing and dyeing machinery process configuration, the development of short process equipment and process synchronization development (such as wet and short steam equipment); The drawing and setting machine is equipped with digital energy monitoring system to reduce heat loss Wet treatment equipment will be generally equipped with waste water filtration and reuse, waste heat recovery device, the setting machine equipped with waste heat recovery and purification treatment equipment, the maximum use of waste heat, reduce production energy consumption, the promotion of dyes and auxiliaries automatic distribution technology and products, reduce chemical pollution.

Generally speaking, the improvement of manufacturing quality, process adaptability and success rate is always the target of the development of printing and dyeing machinery, and the green environmental protection is the main line of printing and dyeing machinery development. The application of numerical control and intelligent technology will effectively improve the ability of traditional machinery, even completely change the operation and operation mode, and dyeing materials and printing and dyeing process of progress, will determine the future of printing and dyeing technology, may suddenly change the direction of development of printing and dyeing machinery.

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