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How to control the dyeing rate by the loose fiber wool dyeing machine?
Dec 13, 2018

During the padding process, the loose fiber wool dyeing machine passes through the liquid for a short period of time, usually only a few seconds or tens of seconds; after padding, there is not much dyeing on the fabric. Between 30% and 100%, there is no circulating flow of dye liquor, and there is no transfer process.

Due to the above characteristics, the fabric which is padded with the loose fiber wool dyeing machine needs to have more roll pressure to remove the excess dyeing liquid and obtain a lower liquid carrying rate. However, if the wetting property of the fabric is not good, increasing the pressure of the rolls allows more dye liquid to penetrate into the tissue space of the fabric, and instead can increase the liquid carrying rate.

In order to reduce or avoid the pre-dark color difference caused by the initial dyeing rate during the padding process, the initial dyeing solution concentration of the loose fiber wool dyeing machine can be adjusted to bring it close to the equilibrium concentration. When the cellulose fiber fabric such as cotton and viscose is used, the fiber fully adsorbs moisture and becomes fully swollen. The capillary water and the flowing water evaporate rapidly, and the dye concentrated on the surface of the fiber is heated by the action of saturated steam to the interior of the fiber accelerates diffusion.

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