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HTHP Overflow Dyeing Machine operation points and its horizontal understanding
Oct 18, 2018

The HTHP overflow dyeing machine is a high temperature and high pressure overflow dyeing machine which is one of the dyeing machines and combines the advantages of a high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine and an overflow dyeing machine. In order to use this dyeing machine correctly and reasonably, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of it to achieve this purpose, and to have a good use effect in the use of the dyeing machine.


1. Definition and specific types of HTHP overflow dyeing machine

HTHP overflow dyeing machine, which is a high temperature and high pressure overflow dyeing machine, is developed from high temperature and high pressure rope dyeing machine, mainly used for dyeing some fabrics. Its working principle is that the dye liquor is pumped out from the bottom of the dyeing tank by the main pump and sent to the heat exchanger for heating, and then enters the overflow tank. The fabric is circulated by the active guide roller and the dye overflow. During the dyeing process of the dyeing machine, the fabric is in a relaxed state to avoid problems such as scratches and deformation, and uniform dyeing and chromatic aberration can be achieved to ensure the dyeing quality and dyeing effect of the dyeing machine.


The HTHP overflow dyeing machine is a specific type that includes a horizontal high-temperature and high-pressure overflow dyeing machine. This kind of HTHP overflow dyeing machine is composed of four dyeing tanks, a cloth feeding wheel, a nozzle and a dyeing liquid circulation conveying system, and two upper and lower conveyors are arranged in the dyeing tank, and the lower layer conveyor is provided. The height is higher than the dyeing level in the dyeing tank at work.


2. HTHP overflow dyeing machine operation points


Chemical operation points: Check whether the ingredients of the prepared dyes are accurate according to the prescription. In the order of addition, there is a prescribed order, so it must be strictly enforced. In addition, if the foam is found to be excessive in the machine after the addition, defoaming agent can be added to defoaming, so as to avoid problems during the use of the dyeing machine.

Dyeing process operation points: When dyeing the dyeing machine, close the cover before warming up and observe whether the dyeing machine is running normally. Under normal circumstances, the temperature rise rate is controlled by grading heating and grading insulation. When cooling down, the cooling rate should not be too fast, and it cannot be forced to cool down.

Key points for color operation: When the dyeing of the HTHP overflow dyeing machine is completed, the temperature should be lowered. After the temperature is reduced to a certain temperature, the steam is exhausted. After the steam is exhausted, the cover can be lifted and the color work is performed, which is in the color light box. For the color of the tube, if there is color difference, you need to add color correction, such as color and light, you can continue to cool down.

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