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Installation and use requirements for loose fiber wool dyeing machine
Jan 22, 2019

The loose fiber wool dyeing machine is basically made of stainless steel during the production process. The dyeing machine is very simple in speed regulation, and there is no noise during the running process, so it is more suitable for blending. Seamless underwear, rayon and stockings are processed, while on the blades, the main form of dyeing is in different directions.

The loose fiber wool dyeing machine first needs to determine the installation position of the dyeing machine. However, when we install the dyeing machine, we can reserve the space where the equipment can be operated or repaired in advance, so that the dyeing machine can be maintained and maintained in the future. Secondly, the loose fiber wool dyeing machine must be mounted on a smooth foundation surface and fixed and installed with the screws at the foot.

The loose fiber wool dyeing machine also needs to use professional instruments to test the level of the equipment. If the level of the equipment cannot be guaranteed, it can not be installed. If conditions permit, all three-phase four-wire in the dyeing machine should be used. The relevant power supply, all installed in a wire box, after the completion of the installation of the fiber dyeing machine, it is also necessary to ground the relevant processing to ensure that the dyeing machine is very safe and reliable whether it is used or installed.

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