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Intelligent washing system and operation requirements of high temperature and high pressure airflow dyeing machine
Aug 23, 2018

The high-temperature and high-pressure airflow dyeing machine mainly uses its high-pressure airflow to dye the fabric after atomization of the dyeing liquid, and the barrel, the cloth wheel and the barrel are effectively used in the operation. It is characterized in that the cylinder is arranged in a lateral direction, and there is a dyeing tank therein. There are two openings on the upper wall of the cylinder corresponding to the two ends of the dyeing tank. One opening has a swinging mechanism, and the other has a wheel housing. The wheel housing communicates with the two openings below.

The lifting wheel of the high-temperature and high-pressure airflow dyeing machine is in the wheel housing. During operation, there are nozzles and nozzles in the pipeline between the wheel housing and the swinging mechanism, and the heat exchanger is arranged outside the cylinder, the feeding pump and the fan, the cylinder There is a reflow mechanism below. The heat exchanger has an inlet and an outlet, and the outlet is connected to the nozzle by means of a pipe, and the inlet is connected with the barrel and communicates with the bottom inner cavity of the cylinder through a feeding pump, a returning mechanism and a pipe. The air outlet of the fan is connected to the nozzle, and the air inlet is connected to the cylinder through the air filter. By dyeing the fabric with this dyeing machine, the production cost can be reduced.

The high temperature and high pressure airflow dyeing machine has a patented integrated intelligent water washing system. The computer automatically controls the water inlet valve to precisely control the washing water flow rate, the washing water level and the washing water temperature, and continuously wash the water to reduce the downtime. With the self-developed washing water index, the real-time washing effect is monitored optically, and as an indicator of dyeing jump, the control of the washing process is simplified, and the washing process is further automated.

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