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Knit Fabric Dyeing Machine should meet the performance requirements
May 09, 2018

The Knit Fabric Dyeing Machine and the dyeing machine generally have certain differences. This is because the knitted fabric itself is made of a coil and has characteristics that it is easily stretched and deformed, scratched, or scattered. Therefore, in the process of dyeing, it is necessary to select a dyeing machine that exerts less tension on the knitted fabric. So, what kind of performance requirements should knitter dyeing machine meet?


In the current production work, when selecting a knitwear dyeing machine, many users will select intermittent rope dyeing equipment such as rope dyeing machines and liquid dyeing machines with high versatility. Shaft dyeing machine. With the development of the market, there is currently a special continuous pad dyeing machine for knitted grey fabrics. For cotton, acrylic, nylon and other knitted fabrics, normal temperature and pressure dyeing machines are generally used. For polyester and its blended or interwoven knitted fabrics, high temperature and high pressure dyeing machines are used.


This special knit fabric dyeing machine is mainly used for directly steaming the dyed fabric during continuous dyeing of the knitted fabric, and is suitable for continuous dyeing of a pure cotton knitted fabric with a vat dye or a reactive dye. After the dyeing process of the device, the dyeing uniformity and the color fastness can be significantly improved, and the hand feel can be improved, and the reproducibility is good.


It should be noted that in order to ensure the dyeing quality of knitted fabrics, it is necessary not only to meet the requirements of the conventional dyeing process for fabric blanks, dyes and dyes, water quality, dyeing process and operating procedures, but also according to the characteristics of the actual dyeing process. The whole process of dyeing is controlled. Compared with woven fabrics, the control of airflow dyeing of knitted fabrics is more demanding. For example, the tension and time should be in the lowest and the shortest state during the entire process. Otherwise, not only the dyeing striae but also the fabrics will be deformed.


In other words, in the process of dyeing knitted fabrics, it is necessary to select suitable knitted fabric dyeing machines for the characteristics of the knitted fabrics, and to formulate an effective process control,In order to achieve the best combination of dyed materials, dyeing process and equipment.

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