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Main features of cheese yarn dryer and air filter net
Jul 18, 2018

The bobbin yarn dryer is an indispensable basic equipment in cheese dyeing workshops when it is in use. Its entire equipment is a model with advanced domestic level that is researched and developed using modern engineering techniques. After the various types of fiber cheese yarn, provide time, energy saving and uniform drying process.

The bobbin yarn dryer is mainly a process in which the moisture molecules on the yarn are evaporated by heat to reach a predetermined moisture content by the action of heat. Based on the principles of thermodynamics and aerodynamics, the design optimizes the hot air flow path and the wet air exhaust circuit to ensure high yield levels with low energy consumption. At the same time, the advanced PID temperature control system is used to facilitate operation.

Main features of cheese yarn dryer

1. Fast drying time: Each time the drying time is about 2.5 hours, with YD-III type calculation, the daily output can reach 5 tons under normal conditions.

2. Strong evaporating power: The evaporation rate in the drying room can reach more than 110kg/hour.

3. Low energy consumption: due to reasonable structure, energy recovery device and good thermal insulation are adopted, motor frequency control, steam auto-control proportional adjustment, electric energy and thermal energy consumption are all maximized, and the cost of yarn drying is minimized. .

4. High degree of self-control: The machine adopts computer program control, and is also equipped with manual control. There are 20 sets of A.B modes in the computer program, which can be used for different types of yarns and different processes. The temperature control, air flow and air pressure control are automatically performed according to the set program. At the same time equipped with audio alarm and emergency stop control. With controllability and selectivity.

Bobbin yarn dryer air filter net

The cheese yarn dryer adopts multiple filters to ensure that the cleanliness of the air entering the drying room meets the predetermined requirements, preventing the contamination of the packaged yarns by dust, flowers, etc., and ensuring that the cleanliness index of the air-bake yarn in the drying room fully meets the standards.

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