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Main performance characteristics of fast automatic yarn drying machine
Jul 11, 2018

The fast automatic yarn drying machine is advanced in technology and is suitable for the drying treatment of loose fibers such as wool, polyester yarn and pure cotton yarn after dyeing or bleaching. In practical applications, the fast automatic yarn dryer uses a slightly pressurized hot air to pass through the yarn, so that the water absorbed in the yarn evaporates and reaches a predetermined moisture content, and at the same time, a hot air circulation and an air discharge line are designed. Thereby achieving the purpose of rapid drying.


Not only that, but also a computer automatic control system is specially configured in the fast automatic yarn drying machine, which greatly simplifies the user's operation process. In comparison, the drying speed of the device is very fast, which greatly increases the yield level. Moreover, the machine has a strong evaporation capacity and significantly increases the output.


Under normal circumstances, the fast automatic yarn drying machine consumes less energy because it uses a hot air circulation system and superior thermal insulation measures. The main motor uses variable frequency control, and the heating uses a proportional automatic control valve to make heat. And the consumption of electrical energy is reduced to a minimum. Together with the high level of automation, the fast automatic yarn dryer is more controllable and selective.

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