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Main technical features and usage methods of fabric hydro extractor machine (dewatering machine)
Jan 30, 2019

Main technical features of fabric hydro extractor machine  (dewatering machine)

1. It adopts three-legged suspension structure and has good shock-absorbing effect.

2. The starting wheel structure is installed under the shaft. When starting, the inner tank is gradually accelerated, so that the motor is not overloaded.

3. The main components are made of imported high quality stainless steel and are durable.

4. The inner tank is balanced, safe and reliable.

Method for using fabric hydro extractor machine  (dehydrator)

(1) Before use, first check whether the mechanical parts are in good condition.

(2) The laundry is evenly placed in the inner rotating cage.

(3) Start the motor so that the inner cage gradually speeds up. According to the type of fabric, it usually takes 5-10 minutes to complete the drying.

(4) Press the “Stop” button to de-energize the motor. After the dewatering machine has been naturally decelerated for a period of time, the brake handle is operated to perform intermittent braking operation to stop the inner rotation cage.

(5) After the machine is stopped, the fabric can be taken out.

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