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Main use and configuration characteristics of high temperature and high pressure airflow dyeing machine
Sep 21, 2018

High-temperature and high-pressure airflow dyeing machine is a kind of green environmental protection dyeing equipment with small bath ratio, low energy consumption and high production efficiency. It is completely suitable for the fabric processing range of overflow dyeing machine. It is suitable for dyeing of various loose rope fabrics. It is especially suitable for the processing of some high-grade fabrics, such as Tencel and its blended fabrics, microfiber fabrics, hemp fabrics, polyester and blended fabrics, etc., which require small tension and soft and full handfeel.


The airflow dyeing technology of the high temperature and high pressure airflow dyeing machine, as an advanced dyeing method, can be used for the scouring and bleaching of the pretreatment, the alkali reduction treatment, and the fibrillation and loose drying of the fiber in addition to the above applications. And soft finishing.


It utilizes the aerodynamic principle, uses airflow atomization dyeing liquid and conveys the fabric, supplemented by Teflon liquid level dyeing tank, so that the fabric can move continuously in the liquid level or without liquid level, and in the nozzle and The atomized dye liquor is exchanged, which greatly reduces the bath ratio and greatly reduces the consumption of water, steam and chemicals. The dyeing effect of the machine is good, no damage to the fabric, and the fabric does not wrinkle after dyeing and has good hand feeling.


The high-temperature and high-pressure airflow dyeing machine is equipped with a motor for lifting cloth and variable speed control, so it can reach 600m/min at the cloth speed; the structural design is adopted to ensure that the fabric can be under low tension. High-speed operation, and also equipped with the impact point of the cloth blank, not only can effectively ensure the orderly stacking of the fabric in the whole dyeing tank, but also can avoid the phenomenon of dyeing and folding to the greatest extent, and the cloth blank is very good. Improve on the fluffiness and feel.


The special anti-vibration baffle design of the high temperature and high pressure airflow dyeing machine ensures that the dyeing cloth will not rotate during the whole running process, ensuring the uniformity of the whole coloring. In addition, the equipment can also be equipped with a fully automatic simulation of the incoming liquid, as well as the feeding and temperature control system, which reduces the problem of poor dyeing cylinder to a certain extent.

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