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Measures for preventing tar spots and increasing light fastness at normal temperature and pressure overflow dyeing machine
Aug 17, 2018

Dye-selective dyeing of normal temperature and atmospheric pressure overflow dyeing machine should use dyes with good diffusibility and leveling properties. When dyeing, dyes with similar dyeing properties should be selected. Reductive cleaning is an important part of removing floating color when performing operations. After the reduction and cleaning, the color is slightly lighter. At the same time, the rubbing fastness and the light fastness are improved.

The tar spot of the normal temperature and atmospheric overflow dyeing machine is prevented. During operation, the tar spot is a viscous substance formed in the dyeing liquid, and the main component of the device is a dye dispersing agent and a polyester oligomer. Polyester oligomer is a polycondensation of polyester. It will ooze from the fiber into the dye solution and adhere to the surface of the fiber during the long-term dyeing process at high temperature.

Measures for preventing tar spot by normal temperature and atmospheric pressure overflow dyeing machine

1. Strengthen the fabric pretreatment.

2. Increase the dye bath ratio.

3. Apply high temperature and high pressure dispersant.

4. Use high temperature drainage to prevent crystals from crystallization after cooling.

5. Reduce equipment cleaning cycle.

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